In Coyhaique and its surroundings there is more than one place that hides secrets and deserves to be visited.

A few kilometers away from Coyhaique you can see the famous Piedra del Indio. It is located in the surroundings of the Simpson River, on the edge of the Carretera Austral. This natural sculpture has the shape of an Indian's profile.

It is a rock formation sculpted with the erosive elements of nature resulting in the profile of an Indian.

However, those most attached to the legends prefer to believe the version that speaks of a truncated romance.

Legend has it that two Tehuelche Indians in love carved their feeling in the midst of death and it was forever captured in the giant rock. They claim that, in addition to the male profile of the Indian, you can see the body of a woman lying on her head.

The Simpson River, which surrounds the mountain, brings a legendary atmosphere to this part of Patagonia, helping to reinforce all the stories that are told about the region.

"Tehuelches" or "patagones" is the generic name given to a group of Amerindian ethnic groups in Patagonia.